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Internet of Things

IoT is the game-changer for today’s organizations. Connected businesses are able to compete against the best, uncover new opportunities, and reimagine their customer experiences. Leveraging IoT technology, Accedia builds custom digital platforms, business applications and end-to-end vertical solutions. 

Service Offerings

  • Custom IoT application development
  • IoT gateway development
  • IoT smart connectivity
  • IoT data analytics
  • Embedded software programming

Cloud Solutions Portfolio

Combining technology, industry know-how, and a flexible development approach, our team delivered a number of innovative Cloud solutions, designed to specific business needs. Access more than 10 success stories from the Engineering, Energy, and Construction domains.


Data handling in modern ReactJS development

The start of a greenfield project is a time when crucial decisions must be made. This can be quite the challenging task, especially if you are not that familiar with a certain technology. Therefore, this blog post intends to help you make the right architectural choice when it comes to utilizing ReactJS for your UI.

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