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As companies redefine their models of operation on a global scale, they count increasingly on sourcing partnerships to take advantage of global talent, born-in-the cloud IT environments and established collaboration processes. Strengthen your digital capabilities via an offshore software delivery hub and see how your business can benefit below.

Business benefits

  • Handling design, architecture, development and testing of your digital solutions
  • Identifying and leading the right members of your team to achieve project objectives
  • Designing tailored governance processes to match your preferred collaboration approach
  • Helping you minimize operational overhead (infrastructure, training and retention)

why accedia

efficient processes and methodologies


Customer Retention rate


end-to-end solutions delivered all over the world

Transparency of operations

a holistic approach to cross-functional collaboration


Regardless of positions and seniority, every single person at our Core Operations team focuses on broadening their technology expertise, while building up and providing domain know-how within a set of industries.  They possess experience of working with multinational companies in various setups and rely on day-to-day communication to deliver outcomes of maximum business value.

Innovation Development Portfolio

We helped organizations define their growth roadmap and test new concepts through different methods. Access 25+ success stories involving fast-growing startups and the innovation divisions of large enterprises.


Managing a remote software development team: 3 key ingredients

Bringing a remote software development team onboard means bringing extra expertise while saving on costs and time. The idea of it has become even more appealing now that many businesses have been unable to keep working as usual. So, we share the best practices learnt during years of working together with companies worldwide. Read till

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