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Accedia exhibited at CeBIT Hanover 2016

For a second year in a row we exhibited at CeBIT Hannover, the largest European technology fair.

Тhis time we were part of the Bulgarian stand, representing the country as a destination for high-tech and top quality services & products. The few companies chosen to be part of the delegation showcased innovative offerings in the field of IoT, nearshore software development and IT solutions.

The exhibition grounds hosted software & manufacturing giants, consumer electronics resellers, technology startups and business software providers, with lots of ongoing presentations, demos and Q&A discussions. The event offered great networking opportunities, matching suppliers and buyers but also ideas to decision makers, this setting the beginning of many valuable partnerships. Some of the most impressive stand were those of the world known software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, HPE, their partners etc, with whom we work regularly and took the occasion to strengthen interrelationships.

People from all over the world had come to make connections and hear the latest trends in digitalization of businesses, robotization (yes, including a hall for drones only!) and how all of this affects societies in their daily lives. Switzerland, being the partner country this year, showed innovative examples in the fields of FinTech, Security solutions, Education etc. through its representative companies and program of events. We met with a lot of eager to learn Swiss people, catching the wave of the momentum of last week’s forum in Zurich.

It was also great to have many attendees coming at our booth interested to hear more about Bulgaria as a fast-paced software development destination and more and more open to bring to advantages of offshoring to their practice. This proved what a great example the Bulgarian companies in the industry are setting, as well as the direction where competitive advantages may be found in today’s economic reality.


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