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6 Traits of Accedia’s ideal team member

Have you ever felt the joy of being intact with the core values of your workplace? As Accedia’s 6th birthday is approaching, we have decided to share the six characteristics that best define our team and the culture of openness, learning and collaboration that can be best seen on the inside. Led by the belief that the team is a mirror of the company culture, we look beyond our job candidates’ knowledge in the field. Here is what else distinguishes our ideal team member:

Reaches for the stars. What is the last conference or training you have attended? If that one is easy to answer, then you have already won some bonus points! Striving for continuous personal and professional improvement is а major trait of our team and driver for our tremendous business growth. We set ambitious goals and aspire to achieve more every day.

Enjoys variety at work. Do you enjoy getting involved in a sea of different tasks and responsibilities? Then, you found the place where you can never get bored! Exploring new technologies, , mentoring others, taking part in interviews and communicating with the client are just an example of the additional job activities that could enable you to advance in the career ladder much faster than at any other place.

Takes initiative. Taking an initiative might be risky sometime but, in our experience, it is what differentiates a great team member from a good one. Whether you have a recommendation for improving an existing process оr would like to launch something completely new, we are always ready to hear you out and support you in making it happen. So, you’re not afraid to take ownership? Our managers doors are just one knock away, awaiting to hear your game-changing ideas!

Adapts quickly. Willing to jump head-first into the unfamiliar? Then you most probably like to be challenged! Working with clients from various industries and using a broad spectrum of technologies allows the team at Accedia to change over to different projects or travel abroad to work onsite with the client’s team. That’s why, one needs to look beyond their horizons and be able to seize the opportunities that come with changes.

Team in a Meeting 

Happy to share know-how. The leaders of tomorrow are among those whose second nature is helping others grow along with them. We at Accedia have a number of knowledge-sharing channels and initiatives at hand, such as the Innovation Development Centre (IDC). Cross-team collaboration is a cornerstone for our working ethics and we believe that this is the way to innovation. Eager to share the exciting things you’ve learnt?

Always up for a beer. Just kidding, but not really! The welcoming atmosphere at Accedia gives our team a chance to make friends – often accomplished over a drink after work-hours. In our scenario, the beer is а personification of being friendly and making social connections. Seasonal team-buildings, monthly themed parties and game nights make it easy for us to get to know each other. After all, working among a group of friends doesn’t really feel like work!Talking about moving forward, we recognize how vital it is to keep nurturing talent and growing а team that shares common values and aspirations. We have become one of the most attractive companies to be part of thanks to our legendary ways of sharing the passion for what we do. 

Have you recognized yourself somewhere in between the lines above? Browse the open positions at Accedia and be brave enough to come join us!    

Violeta is a Marketing Specialist at Accedia, promoting the value of developing software innovation. Social Media savvy, passionate about writing and traveling. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch via LinkedIn


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